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Par Arnaud Pinet

This week, as they do every week, our experts have researched and analyzed the most recent trends and updates, plus the newest tools and features, of the digital marketing world. What are your most important takeaways from the latest web news? Index rounds up the 6 most important digital news stories that you can’t afford to miss this week.

Instagram Now Displays Your Status

Instagram has begun rolling out an “Online” status that lets your friends see if you are currently logged in to Insta Direct or not. You can easily disable this activity status via your settings.

Microsoft Officially Launches Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft has announced the official release of its Microsoft Whiteboard. This collaborative platform enables people to work together remotely and even submit their ideas in real time. Notes, graphics, shapes, images, team members will be able to share everything in an instant on the same board. This tool will probably be highly useful for brainstorming and other team work.

Is Digital Marketing Being Influenced by Blockchain Technology?

The impact of blockchains on digital marketing is, as yet, hard to clearly define. However, it’s easy to see that blockchain technology will affect this sector on a large scale. These changes won’t be immediate but they may just give birth to a whole new kind of digital marketing!

Google Is Currently Testing “Price Insights” for Hotels

After having added hotel price trends and subsequently run various tests, the next logical step for Google is to test “Prices Insights” for hotels. This feature will show users if there are better hotel prices for the date ranges they are searching for, allowing them to then compare hotels against each other.

Artificial Intelligence for Animal Welfare

A team of US researchers has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that can replace animal testing for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. According to the researchers’ results, this technology is even more reliable than tests performed on animals.

China Focuses on Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to government investments and companies such as Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, China is catching up to the United States in the race to be the world’s technology leader. Alibaba even plans to extend its artificial intelligence solutions to farms!

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