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13.07.18 | News

Par Arnaud Pinet

On Tuesday, July 10, Google held a conference presenting the latest changes that they have implemented on their marketing platforms. The tools affected by these new features, and covered in the keynote address, are Google Ads and Google Analytics, as well as few of Google’s various marketing platforms.
Here is a summary of the some of the new features implemented by Google on their various platforms. On YouTube, 3 new types of campaigns will be available:

  • TrueView For Reach: Optimized campaigns for an effective reach format, useful for reaching a wide range of customers.
  • TrueView For Action: Optimized campaigns to increase leads and conversions on your website. A prominent call-to-action appears during the video as well as after. This format will allow you to grow a personalized audience.
  • Maximize Lift Bidding: These campaigns will benefit from the help of machine learning, so Google can help you reach people who are more likely to be interested in your brand.

The keynote address also touched on changes to Google Ads (formerly AdWords). Here are the new campaign opportunities that have been integrated:

  • Smart Campaigns: Simple to use, they save time and generate results relevant to smaller advertisers. If companies do not have their own websites, a landing page will be created for them.
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns: Use the same process as Smart Campaigns and allow the inclusion of a Shopping Ads campaign and a Display campaign. Products are identified directly by Google’s automated feed, which crawls the website and identifies (in its entirety) the inventory presented there.
  • Local Campaigns: Campaigns created simply and quickly via a company’s Google My Business listing.
  • Hotel Campaigns: This feature will allow hoteliers to organize their campaigns optimally using hotel-specific bid possibilities, such as length of stay, the day of arrival, and so on.

However, these additions are not the only ones implemented on the Ads platform. Google also presented new features that go beyond campaign configuration:

  • Responsive Search Ads: Flexible ads that simplify the creating and testing process. This feature delivers unique ads. Headlines are 30 characters long and descriptions are 90 characters long. You must feed the tool 15 headlines and 4 descriptions. It will then use 3 headlines and 2 of the most relevant descriptions. Responsive Search Ads will first be launched in English. Other languages will follow before the end of 2018.
  • Landing Page Speed Score: A new metric for Ads (formerly AdWords), this score will determine the relevance of a landing page. The rating will be assigned in the light of several criteria that evaluate page loading speed and user experience.
  • New goals will be available for Smart Shopping: Store Visits and New Customer Acquisition will enable you to track offline conversions.

In addition, Google announced the launch of new entities such as an e-commerce platform, as well as the launch of an Integration Center where you will be able to connect various solutions together and to work on different solutions at the same time. Finally, name changes have been made. You can find out more about them in our previous blog post here.

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