How to install cookie consent on your website for Quebec’s Law 25?

Navigating Quebec Law 25 on Your Website can be difficult – especially regarding installing the cookie consent widget.

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Introduction to Law 25

Quebec’s Law 25, a legislation governing the protection of personal data, has reshaped the digital landscape for organizations, bringing stringent requirements for businesses. Since September 22, 2023, the consequences of non-compliance have been substantial, with fines ranging from $15,000 to 4% of the previous fiscal year’s global revenue, or up to 25 million dollars. As we approach new requirements set to take effect on September 22, 2024, the urgency for your business to comply is critical.


Affected Entities

This law extends its regulatory reach to any company collecting information about Quebec residents, including those based outside the province. Whether your business is in Quebec, Ontario, or beyond, if it collects data from Quebec residents, Law 25 applies. Concurrently, Canada is on the verge of overhauling its privacy laws with Bill C-27, promising broader consumer protection, and other provinces are considering similar updates.

What you should do on your website for Quebec’s Law 25?

Let’s delve into actionable steps for ensuring compliance with Quebec’s Law 25 on your website. Looking for a more technical tutorial?

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1. Digital Consent

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2. Documentation

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3. Internal Structure

By implementing these measures on your website, it will be a first step towards compliance. There are still elements that you can learn about on our Digital Compliance Service Offering by clicking here.