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How can Index advertising agency help advance your digital advertising in Markham, Ontario?

Index advertising agency helps you boost sales and attract qualified traffic in Markham, ON

Reach the right people with the right message at the right time. That’s the power of digital advertising. See what working with Index, an official Google Partner® advertising agency, can do for your business in Markham, Ontario.

Is there a benefit to hiring an advertising agency in Markham, Ontario’s business environment?

In 2019, Markham celebrated its 225th anniversary, showcasing its deep roots in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Southern Ontario. In fact, Main Street Markham preserves the old town feeling with its heritage buildings, while Main Street Unionville has buildings that remain almost unchanged since its founding in 1794. Today, the city is a hi-tech hub where over 1,100 technology and life-science companies employ nearly 22% of its workforce, including AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), Apple, Genesis Microchip, Honeywell, IBM, Lucent, Motorola, and Toshiba. At 328,940 in the 2016 census, the city’s population makes it the fourth-largest community in the GTA and the York Region’s most populous municipality.

What better way to stand out in such a bustling hi-tech market than with targeted digital marketing managed by an experienced advertising agency like Index?

Benefits of hiring Index digital advertising agency in Markham, ON

Why do you need an advertising agency? 5 ways Index can benefit your business in Markham, Ontario

According to the Business Dictionary, an advertising agency creates new promotional ideas, designs internet advertisements, plans and conducts advertising campaigns, and provides other services that help a client enter and succeed in a chosen market.

Here are 5 ways hiring an advertising agency will benefit your business in Markham, Ontario.  

1. Save time

Hiring a digital advertising agency means that you and your staff do not need to spend time creating and running advertising campaigns. Your staff will be free to do what they were trained for and you can devote your time to running your business.

2. Save money

When you hire a digital advertising agency, you don’t need to hire and train more people. That means you won’t incur all the costs associated with having more employees. Plus, an agency can easily optimize ads to be more effective, saving your business more money.

3. Obtain access to the knowledge of a range of experts

A digital advertising agency has access to researchers, media buyers specialized in online advertising, designers, SEO strategists, social media managers, and other experts that you may not be able to afford to hire for yourself. 

4. Boost brand awareness and development

A digital advertising agency can bolster the complex process of developing a brand by creating ad campaigns to increase brand awareness, all while targeting the most effective market audience with ads designed for individual media channels.

5. Get conclusive results 

Index has extensive experience running campaigns for multiple clients. A digital advertising agency knows what to do to get your results and which tactics to use to cut through the noise and get your business noticed.

5 benefits of hiring Index advertising agency in Markham, ON

Why choose Index as your advertising agency in Markham, Ontario?

The in-house experts at our digital advertising agency include a dedicated project manager, digital marketing specialists, data analysts with tools powered by AI, programmers specialized in technical SEO and advanced analytics configuration, and SEO copywriters.

Our team of experts can help your Markham business grow with services like:

Index has successfully increased qualified traffic and leads for companies of all sizes in sectors such as the automotive industry, education, finance, insurance, and retail. With our offices in downtown Toronto in addition to Montreal and São Paulo, Brazil, Index is familiar with the Markham and Ontario markets. 

Contact Index today and learn more about the advantages of working with an advertising agency specializing in digital advertising. All of our services are also offered in French, helping you reach consumers all across Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic coast.