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Waze Advertising is an advertising solution that brings together the best of mobile advertising and geotargeting to create a personalized user experience.

Waze, now owned by Google, is the world's largest community-based GPS navigation app and now enables geofencing or GPS-targeted advertising for large and small businesses.

What is Waze advertising?

Up to 50 slots

As of this writing, there are different Waze advertising packages available to all business sizes, ranging from 1 placement to +50 placements with different advertising and targeting options, and pricing to suit your budget.

Perfect integration

Ads seamlessly integrate with map and navigation features and are now accessible with minimal investment sold at cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Various advertisements

There are different types of ads based on geotargeting: Pins or digital marker, Takeovers or banner, signage arrow and sponsored search that are adapted to the objectives, strategy and budget of any campaign.

You can find Waze documentation at this link.

Benefits of Waze Geofencing advertising

27% increase on average in navigations (study made by Waze 2020)

Follow your ads in real time

The most economical solution

Increase brand loyalty.

Waze ads influence driver behavior and help drive traffic to your outlet

Why run an advertising campaign with Waze?

Reach your target audience with a local advertising experience

Our agency now offers Waze Ads as part of its internet marketing services. Waze Ads have different ad options, pricing structures, and real-time reporting. Waze Ads is an effective and inexpensive option to reach your target audience and encourage foot traffic in a digital world by reaching drivers near your locations with a local ad experience.

Reliable Expertise Index with Waze Ads

At Index, we have the expertise and experience with Waze Ads for different sizes of businesses. We know how to make these ads work for you so you not only see a high ROI, but also higher foot traffic and increased returning customers.

Contact our Toronto agency to be accompanied in your project of advertising campaigns on Waze.

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