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Local Search Engine Optimization

Why optimize your local SEO with Google Maps?

Local SEO refers to a web optimization method that is defined by creating a listing for your business the shows up on search engine map locations.
Beyond classic website optimization methods, local search engine optimization puts other aspects of SEO strategy to work..
In effect, the presence of your business listing in maps will clearly increase your internet visibility, but it will also develop a strong strategy of proximity to your customers and clients. Local SEO locates your business on a map, includes your address and phone number, along with a picture photograph, as well as other pertinent information.
The extra difference offered by local SEO has a major impact on local searches, a major source of traffic that only continues to increase.
The explanation for this impact lies in the high mobility of consumers, influencing strategies and shining light on what Google calls micro-moments. Micro-moments are defined as real-time actions that are motivated by a specific intention.Example of local search engine optimization (SEO)

For example, searching for “restaurants” on Google brings up local results. Because I am in the Index offices,Google suggests restaurants nearby, something which inevitably affects my search.
Thus, local SEO will tend to attract a consumer made more receptive by the offer of proximity.

New Google Maps Features

Your business needs to be ready for the newest features of Google Maps because they will have a huge impact on local SEO strategies.
As a matter of fact, the new functionalities are intended to improve suggestions offered to the user and, as a result, to increase user engagement. These changes will prove to be important for all types of businesses, particularly those with brick and mortar stores as well as small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Areas of interest

This new feature targets users interested in local tourism and entertainment. You will soon be able to zoom in on your chosen city and find areas shaded in orange, which highlight nearby hotels, theaters, and concert halls.
In this way, the colors used for highlighting areas of interest will indicate the type of products and services offered. To do this, Google intends to create a palette of colors that will make it easy for users to zoom in on what they need.
The Google My Business tool will be extremely useful for managing the color displayed on Google Maps, meaning you can target the right consumers with your strategy.

  • New power for consumers

Similar to Wikipedia’s functionality, consumers will be able to add information to company listings on Google Maps. This new power for consumers must be carefully and properly managed because consumer opinion and customer reviews have a definite impact on the behavior of potential customers.

  • Follow consumers all the way into the store

Google uses its localization feature to prove that pay-per-click (PPC) marketing leads directly to in-store visits. Localization uses wifi access points to send user IDs to Google’s servers, which determine and store the location of that access point. Google thus collects user data that quantifies the power of AdWords. This technological advance will give you a competitive advantage if you make your business more visible and create a proximity relationship with customers.

How do we optimize local SEO with Google My Business?

Google My Business is an indispensable tool for managing local visibility for your business. By optimizing Google My Business, Index can offer you the opportunity to understand how people interact with your content. Using these insights, you can then develop content to reach key consumers.
In line with a local SEO strategy to optimize your website, Index will use its expertise to create and improve your Google My Business listing so that your business can appear among the best possible results.
As a result, Index can accompany you in the management of the consumer comment and customer reviews. Index will help you manage internet interactions with your business so that you can achieve an excellent online reputation. In addition to optimization, Index can offer site branding advice, a Google My Business profile verification process, the installation of Google Analytics, and the integration of Knowledge Graph via GTM (Google Tag Manager) for a full spectrum local SEO strategy.

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