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Mobile Website Design


Mobile site creation has become an element that can no longer be neglected for entrepreneurs wishing to position themselves on the internet.

Why ?

With the arrival of smartphones and the rollout of fourth generation mobile telecommunication networks (4G), more and more people use their phone for entertainment, web searches and even online shopping.

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How ?

Having a mobile site guarantees your business greater visibility on the internet, offers smartphone users a more enjoyable experience while browsing your site and, ultimately, maximizes your chances of attracting potential customers and making sales. Creating a mobile site is an investment that can prove to be very lucrative in the short term!

As for conventional desktop Web design, mobile website development requires following best practice guidelines so that the site meets user expectations in the best way possible.

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Among other things, your mobile site should:

  • Be responsive to small screens, whether tablets or smartphones.
  • Contain only information useful and essential to the user, such as your address, your phone number, your opening hours and the services you offer.
  • Avoid very large images. Images significantly slow loading speed.
  • Be connected to social networks.
  • Load very quickly.

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