Digital Marketing Hot Topics #57

16.10.18 | News / News

Par Arnaud Pinet

This week, as they do every week, our experts have researched and analyzed the most recent trends and updates, plus the newest tools and features, of the digital marketing world. What are your most important takeaways from the latest web news? Index rounds up the 6 most important digital news stories that you can’t afford to miss this week.

Apple buys the start-up, Asaii

After acquiring the music app, Shazam, not long ago, Apple continues its development into the music industry by buying the start-up Asaii. This company is able to anticipate the ascension of artists “10 weeks to 1 year” before they are known, through the use of tools that browse social networks and streaming platforms. The American giant has made this acquisition in hopes of promoting new and exciting artists.

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Photoshop will arrive on iPad in 2019

While iPad users currently have to content themselves with the less complete version, of Photoshop (Photoshop Express), Adobe has announced that the “real” Photoshop will be available on the Apple brand tablets by 2019. This arrival will be followed by a launch on iPhone and Android. Up until recently, the application could not be made available because the devices were not powerful enough.

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Facebook will inform you if you’ve been affected by a security breach

After revealing a large security breach, Facebook has re-emphasized its desire to be transparent and will let you know if you have been affected by the security breach that occurred at the end of September. This information is available simply by clicking on the link in the article below and looking at the section: “Is my Facebook account impacted by this security issue?”. This will let you know if your data has been compromised. This Facebook help has only been made available in English thus far.

Facebook launches 3D photos!

Though the social network announced this feature last May, 3-dimensional photos finally available. To publish this type of photo, there is no need for a special camera, an artificial intelligence tool is used to give the impression of depth. This feature is currently only available on iPhone 7+, 8, X and XS.

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Youtube launches new advertising format

The online video giant launched a new advertising format called “TrueView in-stream” a few weeks ago. As we announced previously, the platform has now fully integrated services into commercials such as the purchase of movie ticket, application downloads, and reservations. This functionality will allow advertisers to go beyond having their consumers merely view advertisements.

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A new artificial intelligence tool from Google can detect breast cancer

Artificial intelligence has already had a lot of success diagnosing some medical problems, and Google has recently announced that its work in partnership with the Naval Medical Center in San Diego has also been a success. A recent test has demonstrated that this artificial intelligence tool has an effectiveness of 99.3% based on a sample of 399 shots. This figure is higher than the diagnostic effectiveness of most practitioners!

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