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This week, as they do every week, our experts have researched and analyzed the most recent trends and updates, plus the newest tools and features, of the digital marketing world. What are your most important takeaways from the latest web news? Index rounds up the 6 most important digital news stories that you can’t afford to miss this week.

Facebook Launches Playable Ads

Facebook has announced the launch of playable ads on its platform. The ads won’t open outside user news feeds and they’ll offer users the chance to test a game within Facebook without having to download the game app. Facebook has also announced two optimization tools for Facebook Ads campaigns, discussed below.

A Timer on Facebook and Instagram

On August 1st, Facebook and Instagram launched a timer that will show users how much time they spend on the apps each day. Users can even set a daily time limit, after which they’ll get a get notification saying they’ve passed their limit. For now, the timer is only available in the United States but it will likely be expanded globally soon.

Facebook Is Still Working on its Facebook Dating App

In May, Facebook announced the development of a dating feature for singles. We now know a little more about what’s called “Facebook Dating.” The feature will be integrated directly into the Facebook platform and won’t be a seperate application. Facebook is currently testing it internally.

Meta Descriptions Not Required?

Writing meta descriptions isn’t particularly easy and eats up a huge amount of time. In a perfect world, following SEO best practices means that every single page of your website should have an optimized – and well written – meta description. However, lack of time often makes this seem like an impossible goal. Instead, find out which meta descriptions are an absolute must to optimize first!

Google Ads “Optimize”: A How-To

Creating one or more landing pages requires time as well as money. Google now offers an “Optimize” feature that helps you optimize your landing pages. Integrated directly into Google Ads, you can use this tool to increase the performance of your campaigns!

Google Confirms Algorithm Update

Google has confirmed changes to its algorithm for search results. This change may cause your ranking in SERPs to change. Google did not, however, release any information specifying what those changes were other than to say that they affect the entire algorithm.

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