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The WordPress Server in Detail

In addition to traditional hosting services, a multitude of advantages are included when you rent WordPress servers from Index. Our aim is to make your use of WordPress easier and more secure. Discover here the advantages that we consider indispensible and which we automatically provide with our WordPress hosting services.

Tools for development

The version management software consists of first developing with GIT and then sending to a sandbox area or into production with a single command. We are the only WordPress hosting managers with GIT version control software fully integrated into WordPress.

With one click, you can make a full backup of your web site (database and files) which is stored on our servers. You can restore this backup with another single click. Now you have a solid safety net that allows you to perform any action, even a risky one – for example, installing the latest plug-in updates. This feature is included free when you choose our services.

Our development environment means you can safely test new extensions or updates in a “sandbox” transit area and then easily migrate the changes into production. Hassle-free and worry-free.


We offer unlimited data transfer!

All our clients benefit from a robust, secure and performance-oriented WordPress architecture.

We always use top quality equipment in our systems.

We have partnered with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure your website loads ultra-fast, regardless of where your visitors are located. This technology enables you to copy your website to several data centers. It is then the data center closest to the user that distributes your website’s images, CSS and other files, resulting in the best performance for your site.

Websites need a lot of space and resources to be fully operational, if only to ensure optimal functioning during times of high traffic. We are committed to providing the dedicated resources you need in terms of bandwidth and hardware. Totally separate resources are also available with customized prices. Contact us for details.


You can use as much space as you need by logging into an info-cloud system like Amazon S3, at no extra charge!


Had enough of intermittent performance? We can dramatically increase the speed of your site through multi-server clusters, incredibly fast top-of-the line equipment with RAM caching, and a content distribution network. All this ensures that your customers enjoy ultra-fast loading on your website. All these technologies are natively integrated and fully managed by us. You have nothing to configure.

Tired of fighting with plugins that are supposed to manage your cache for faster executions? With our WordPress accelerator, we manage caching for you, including caching pages, caching databases, and caching objects. All these features are automatically included at no additional cost and are fully managed by our team. You don’t need to do anything.


Has your site ever been hacked? With any hosting platform, it is only a matter of time before hacking happens. But it won’t happen with us. We are able to block tens of thousands of attacks, and we update our system every day so that attacks are systematically blocked, even the latest and most sophisticated. If you can’t risk your website being hacked, choose our hosting service.

You never have to wake up to a hacked site. We automatically search for and deal with all hacking attempts on your website. Our guarantee: We will do everything in our power to prevent piracy of your website. And if your website is ever hacked despite all our precautions, we will fix the problem … free of charge. To save you the trouble checking, we can tell you that we are the only company able to offer this service.


We are the only hosting company whose team is fully focused and dedicated to WordPress. We offer quality, and we offer personal support – as soon as you need it.

Stop struggling with backup plugins and stop paying for backup services! When you choose Index as your hosting service, we do automatic backups every day (both files and databases). You can restore in just a few clicks. All this is included free of charge with our hosting service.

We keep your site secure without you having to worry. Whenever WordPress releases a security update, we test it for you, and we apply it proactively to your site.

In addition to our ticket system, you can also interact with our WordPress experts directly via our website between 9 am and 6 pm, Eastern Time.