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Why choose Index for your website advertising in Kitchener, Ontario?

Index helps you find new customers in Kitchener, ON, with website advertising

Many consumers find traditional advertising intrusive because it relies on interruption to gain their attention. On the other hand, website advertising is non-intrusive when done effectively, fitting seamlessly into your target customer’s online experience. You can do this for your business in Kitchener (ON) with Index.

How is website advertising with Index right for your Kitchener, Ontario, business?

Kitchener is in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo of Ontario and is located approximately 100 kilometres west of Toronto. Thanks to its German heritage, it was called Berlin until 1916 when it was renamed after the 1st Earl of Kitchener. The metropolitan area includes Waterloo to the north and Cambridge to the south, making it home to over half a million people (523,894 as of the 2016 census). The area has a strong German heritage due to the high levels of immigration by German speakers from Pennsylvania and from Europe.

The Kitchener–Waterloo Oktoberfest, the second largest in the world, is a tribute to this German heritage. The festival includes a parade, beer halls, and German entertainment, attracting tourists from far and wide.

Historically, the city’s economy is rooted in manufacturing, which still employs about 20% of the labour force. In the 21st century, Kitchener has diversified to include digital media and health sciences in addition to finance and insurance.In a diversified economy, website advertising can be personalized to make it more relevant to your target customers. Working with an online advertising agency like Index lets you spend less time on your ads and more time focusing on running your business in Kitchener, Ontario.

What is website advertising? How can Index advance your online advertising in Kitchener, Ontario?  

Website advertising is so much more than just posting an ad online. It uses specific web-based tools to research, manage, track, analyze, and improve your online advertising campaigns on a variety of channels, including Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), Facebook Ads, and Retargeting. You can digitally track almost every step your customer takes in relation to your ad.

Index helps you target your ideal customer with website advertising in Kitchener, ON

Because website advertising is targeted, your business in Kitchener can tailor its ads to specific types of customers so that each sees the ad most relevant to them. Increased relevance means increased revenues thanks to increased conversion rates. The results are clearly measurable. However, maximizing your online advertising returns can be complicated. Working with a professional agency like Index will help you get the best ROI. 

The internet is where people spend a large chunk of their time. In a 2019 study, the Pew Research Center, a US-based non-partisan fact tank, found that about 89% of people use the internet regularly. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only applies to young people. The same study found that 66% of people over 65 are online, too. You can explore the demographics of internet use in this fact sheet on the Pew Research Center’s website.

What can Index do to maximize website advertising for your Kitchener, Ontario, business?

Hiring experienced, top-level marketing personnel in-house can be a challenge for many businesses. When you take advantage of the services of a professional website advertising agency, your campaigns will achieve the same level of quality as the major players in your industry.

website advertising analysis with Index in Kitchener, ON

The online advertising experts at Index take the time to get to know your business, your products, and your company culture in order to craft digital campaigns that effectively convey your unique value. After this analysis, we can recommend the best website advertising channels for you to meet your marketing goals such as:

Index has successfully increased qualified traffic and leads for companies of all sizes in the automotive industry, education, finance, insurance, and retail sectors, and more. With our offices in downtown Toronto in addition to Montreal and São Paulo, Brazil, we are familiar with the Kitchener and Ontario markets. 

Contact us today to discuss your website advertising needs. Our services are also offered in French, helping you reach consumers throughout Canada.