Some trends, updates and tools from the digital marketing world that marked 2017. Here are the top picks of 2017, put together by our experts.


Getting More Traffic with Featured Snippets: Your Questions Answered

Visual of a website section with indications showing how to code your page so it's position well

Google is the most effective vehicle for driving targeted clicks to your content. In this article, Ann Smarty, brand and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas, addresses the most frequent questions people ask her about featured snippets.

Google Introduces a New Tool for Testing Structured Data (Rich Results)

Launched at the end of December 2017, Google’s new tool (currently still in beta) aims to establish a kind of diagnosis of your site and will allow you to test the structured data of your pages. What will stand out in Google Search? The Rich Results Testing Tool can reveal all!

Content Marketing & SEO: How to Build Links

SEMRush adds a new article to its series of SEO guides. Here you’ll find a quick description of link building in 2018, tips on how to create content that generates links, and how to develop a content distribution strategy. The biggest takeaway from this article is that all your efforts will be in vain if you don’t bring added value to your target audiences!

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Website Redesign: How to Retain and Improve Your SEO

This article is useful for any company that needs to do a website redesign but is afraid of losing everything gained by working on SEO. Among the best practices for maintaining visibility, SearchEngineLand recommends ensuring all old URLs are redirected to the new site, first and foremost, keeping the old site live during the redesign process, and preserving content that performs well.


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Facebook Changes its Algorithm

This is the biggest news of the last few weeks. Marketers were quick to rail against Zuckerberg, but what does this change really mean? Simply that content from friends and family will be prioritized over content from business pages. There is no direct impact on Facebook Ads. Still, sponsored posts may not be able to escape unscathed. Time to rethink your strategy!

Cryptocurrency Companies Beware, Your Facebook Ads Are in Danger!

Facebook is clear: all advertising promoting cryptocurrencies will now be banned from the social network. Break this new rule and – bam! – Facebook will completely ban you from its app. This new measure is being applied by Menlo Park in an attempt to work more ethically and responsibly.–including-bitcoin-and-icos.html


French Agencies Bet on Influencer Strategies

visual showing an office with a screen where it is written "Bienvenue à Agence des influenceurs"

Cyril Attias, the founder of, elected social media agency of the year in 2015, is looking at influencers in a new way. He has decided to go beyond the utilitarian value of influencers, focusing only Facebook or Instagram, and seeks to create truly multi-platform strategies. This has become the overarching goal of the agency, to produce influencers.

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