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what is programmatic advertising
What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising appeared in the late 1990s with the advent of ad networks and has since evolved with new opportunities opening up over time. Indeed, this model continues to grow. In Canada and the US, programmatic buying now accounts for close to 80% of online advertising and this percentage is only expected to increase in […]

Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants – Get $10,000 of free advertising on Google to promote your charity! You’ve probably heard of Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising campaigns, but have you ever heard of Google Ad Grants? What is Google Ad Grants? Google Ad Grants is a version of AdWords (that is, Google’s online advertising tool) especially for non-profit […]

LinkedIn Ads

Are you looking to advertise on LinkedIn? The Index agency can design your LinkedIn campaign by developing a marketing strategy specific to your business, your goals and your needs. Our team of experts can guide you and assist you in the development and evolution of your advertising, and therefore your reputation.   1. Configure your […]