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Passionate about the Web? Love to work in an agency?

Are you looking for a career in Web Marketing in the Montreal area?

Find a job that is both stimulating and creative at Index Web Marketing! Be a part of a great team.

We hire from everywhere in the world. Our team is diversified and multicultural.

Ever worked full-time or part-time, as an intern or a freelance? Your professional journey matters to us, send us your resume today, even if the position has already been filled.


About the job offers:

  • You can apply through our application form.
  • If the job description is not complete, please ask us for more details.
  • We reply to all applications. However, please allow us a minimum processing time of one week.
  • The masculine form is used for easy reading purposes and includes the feminine.


Internships - new talents to build the future

Advisor, Business Development

You are a dynamic person? You like interpersonal communication? Sales in corporate technologies are made for you!

Advisor, Marketing Communications

An internship in marketing communications will enable you to learn the basics of Web marketing.

Junior Programmer-Webdesigner

Looking for a stimulating professionnal experience in a Montreal web marketing agency? Talented junior programmers wanted at Index Web Marketing.


Senior positions - skillful specialists

SEO/SEM Specialist (Toronto)

SEO Expert

Software Engineer

Are you a talented Web programmer with extensive knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Mongo, Yii and Wordpress? Our employees have worked at Facebook.

Web Graphic Designer

Improve our clients' digital performance with your designs


Positions filled - apply, let's get to know each other!

Project Manager

Point of contact for our clients, you will manage both internal and external teams for Index

Senior Accounts Director, QC

Be the architect of the strategies for all our current and our potential clients.

Bilingual Web Copywriter

Do you master both the language of Molière and of Shakespeare? You can have an impact on companies' worldwide performance.

Administrative Assistant

Play a key role in the company operations by handling accounting and invoicing tasks.

Director of Web Marketing

An expert in Web Marketing, the Director of Web Marketing manages both SEO and online advertising.

While our headquarters are in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), our clients of all sizes range from multinational corporations (Canada, Brazil, USA, France, ... ) to local brands.